Sunday 21 April 2019


Swami Sivananda

How to apply Will? The WILL rightly applied can do miracles. Will is bound to carry out our behests in the long run, hence we should be very careful in its proper use. Will alone is our obedient and willing servant. It should always be reserved for the achievement of higher spiritual success as the worldly success is nothing. It is a mere dream or a bubble, which can never give everlasting peace and happiness. Hence WILL strongly—"I must have this" and there it is;—"I must become a great man" and there you are and so on. Stronger the Will quicker the Realization of Self. How to develop Will? For the right application of Will it is necessary to know the following ways: Contd …

There is no such thing as an individual function, anywhere. The whole world is active when even a single event takes place at any point in space, just as the whole body is active even if a little thorn is to prick the sole of the foot.

- Swami Krishnananda

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