Thursday 13 August 2020


Swami Sivananda

In the presence of a man of Ahimsa the hostile nature of animals disappears . The rat and the cat, the snake and the mongoose, and other beings that are enemies to each other by nature, give up their hostile feelings in the presence of the Yogi who is established in Ahimsa. Lions and tigers can never do any harm to such a Yogi. Such a Yogi can give definite orders to lions and tigers. They will obey. This is Bhuta Siddhi obtainable by the practice of Ahimsa. The practice of Ahimsa will culminate eventually in realisation of unity and oneness of life, or Advaitic consciousness.

Live for God. Spread the message of divine life to one and all you meet in the course of your daily activity.

- Swami Sivananda

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