Monday 28 July 2014


Swami Sivananda

Is there pain or pleasure in this world? If there is pleasure, then why do young educated men retire into the forests? If there is pain, why do young men run after wealth, position, and women? Mysterious is maya (illusion). Mysterious is moha (delusion). Try to understand the riddle of life, and the riddle of the universe. Acquire viveka (wisdom). Have satsanga (holy company). Enquire into the nature of the Atman. Study the Yoga Vasishta and the Upanishads. Then you will have a comprehensive understanding of the problems of life. There is not one iota of happiness in this world.

Gurudev Swami Sivananda did not merely come like a comet across the sky, which while it lasts sheds light and after it has gone there is darkness again; but, on the contrary, he has left a great light, an eternal light.

- Swami Chidananda

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