Saturday 17 November 2018


Swami Sivananda

Make prostration unto Truth with great reverence. There is only one Truth; There is one Reality. That truth is thy-self. Stick to this truth. Be truthful. Realise this Truth and be free. He who utters Truth in this world even when his life is at stake, is an example for all beings to imitate and succeed in over-coming all difficulties. Fortitude, mercy, magnanimity, endurance, impartiality, self-control, renunciation, meditation, non-violence, and; justice, are all forms of Truth. The truth speaks inwardly without noise of words. It is the language of silence. It is the subtle voice of God. A clear conscience gives joy. There are no pin-pricks.

There is a subterranean relationship between our inner contents and the whole cosmos outside. The moment we begin to enter the realm of yoga practice, we also start operating upon our cosmic relationships. This is something important to remember.

- Swami Krishnananda

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