Sunday 21 January 2018


Swami Sivananda

A haughty Pundit hurts others and enters into vain discussions. A rich man gets intoxicated by his wealth and injures others in various ways. A strong man hurts the weak. Axe splits and separates the wood. Pickaxe separates the earth. A wicked-man separates the people. Needle unites the pieces of cloth. Borax in the hot crucible unites Golden pieces. A saint unites all people. A saint with wisdom elevates others, serves the poor with his money and protects the weak with his strength.

An individual has as many organs as are required to fulfil the wishes that are embodied in the prarabdha karma of a given life, and these organs are of such quality and capacity as the needs of the individual concerned. Nothing more, and nothing less is given to us in this world.

- Swami Krishnananda

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